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A Neighborhood for YOU

Challenger Homes home builder for your family
No matter what part of town you like we have a community for you!

Quality is Non-Negotiable!

At Challenger Homes, we build houses the way they should be built.

Universal Design

Universal Design by Challenger Homes

The only volume builder in
El Paso County delivering these easy access options.

The Challenger Homes Difference

Who buys a Challenger Home? Families looking to upgrade and wanting more house to call home. They're our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Moms and Dads looking for good homes in the right neighborhoods with exceptional schools for their children. First-time homebuyers giddy with excitement over every lick of paint and strip of sod. Folks whose kids are grown and are looking to right-size. Families coping with a family member with a disability. Returning combat veterans. Single moms looking for an affordable home.
A Challenger Home is different. A Challenger Home makes life better.
Sometimes it’s the extras like better quality decking or wider baseboards. Often, it’s the little things one may not even notice like 6" exterior walls and higher rated insulation. In every facet of every home the commitment is clear. Making life better by offering outstanding value, building more house to call home, designed around the customer at an affordable price and constructed by a builder you can trust. That's making life better. That’s Challenger Homes!
From the simple approval process with a Challenger preferred lender, to that magical day when a Challenger executive hands over the keys to that brand new home, Challenger is constantly seeking to make each stage within the experience a delight. Challenger listens and cares, designing homes with customers in mind, not fancy awards for show and tell.
Every decision. Every home design. Every Challenger neighborhood. Every process or system. Every employee and trade partner. All focused on one simple idea. Making Life Better.

History of Challenger Homes

 Founded in 2000 by Brian and Heather Bahr, Challenger Homes has grown into one of Colorado Spring’s premier and best-selling homebuilders through adherence to strong core values and plenty of elbow grease and hard work. 

From humble beginnings in a family garage all the way to the #1 Colorado Springs builder in 2011 and again this year, 2015. Challenger Homes has maintained a consistent commitment to one central idea: making life better. More than just a homebuilder, Challenger seeks to make life better for customers, trade partners, employees, investors, and the community.
Now, in 2015, a growing staff and the best trade partners’ team in town are making life better by offering affordable, high-quality homes in dozens of different designs in eleven unique neighborhoods across El Paso County.
Challenger offers a diverse product line, from ¼ acre lots in Monument to just outside Fort Carson Gate 20 in Fountain, from the best D-20 schools in northern Colorado Springs to great value along the Powers corridor. No matter what part of town a family desires or the price point they can afford, Challenger Homes has a neighborhood ideal for them.
Over the years, Challenger has sold a lot of homes, in a lot of different designs, to a lot of different people. However, the core principle hasn’t changed. Making life better by offering outstanding value, building more house to call home, designed around the customer at an affordable price and constructed by a builder one can trust.
From the beginning until now, our 15th Anniversary, Challenger has been proudly serving Colorado Springs and making life home at a time.
Challenger Homes. Making Life Better.

Why Buy New?

The pride of owning a new home simply cannot be replicated. Building your own home, that’s uniquely yours, just the way you want it, is a satisfying experience. There are a multitude of reasons for building new. Here are just a few.

CHOICE – personalize the colors, cabinets, flooring and just about everything else in your new home at our Design Studio
CLEAN – with new home construction everything is neat and clean and you don’t have to worry about a previous owner’s toenail clippings in the carpet!
EFFICIENT – new homes are more energy efficient saving you lots of money on utility bills
LOCATION – with new construction pick the ideal neighborhood and perfect lot
WARRANTY – take advantage of our in-house warranty – we stand behind our work and the people who build your home come out and fix your home if anything goes wrong
SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – current building codes will ensure a superior standard of construction compared to a home built 20 or 30 years ago
LOW MAINTENANCE – brand-new materials and operating systems in our homes offer high performance and low maintenance. A new home can be operated for 20-30% less than a home built prior to 1980
SAFER – better materials and craftsmanship and adherence to building codes make new homes substantially safer than used properties
HEALTHIER – elimination of any hazardous materials make new homes healthier including better indoor air quality that can improve your family’s health
STORAGE – older homes typically have much smaller closets and storage spaces than new homes
OPEN DESIGNS – instead of the older homes with tight hallways and boxy layouts at Challenger Homes we design open floor plans maximizing your livable square footage
FINANCING – working with our preferred lenders makes financing a new home a simple and streamlined process
APPRECIATION -- the greatest appreciation of a home typically occurs in the first five to eight years after its built, take advantage of this equity in your new home.