Building Your Home


Our construction process is characterized by one critical element: relationship. This is about YOU, the homebuyer. We never want you to feel like just a number, we want you to feel like a valued customer and more importantly, like a member of our family. We may build hundreds of homes each year but for you we know this is a huge investment and may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your own home. We want your experience to be fantastic and incredible. Every step of the way we want to meet and exceed your expectations. Our goal is to build you an impeccable home and deliver an outstanding building experience.

So, we have many checks and balances in place to help our team deliver this level of phenomenal customer satisfaction on each and every home. Typically the first person you’ll interact with will be your Sales Counselor. Their job isn’t to really sell you anything but rather be a source of accurate information that allows you to make a good home buying decision, helping you understand your needs and wants, answering questions, and educating you on the new home process. We have the best sales team in town; they’re going to walk you through our various models showcasing what Challenger has to offer. They will show you available home sites to help you pick the one right for you. They’ll be with you every step of the contracting process and be available to assist you and answer questions from start to finish, throughout the entire home buying process. 

Once you contract on your new home you’ll need to ensure your financing is in place. Choosing a lender is up to you, and we can work with anyone you wish. If you don’t already have a lender, we invite you to contact one of our three preferred lenders. They’re experts at new home financing and can make sure you get the loan that’s right for you. Learn more by clicking the Financing Information tab on this page. 

Now the fun really begins. Your next appointment will be with one of our non-commissioned design consultants either at the model home in the community where we are building your new home or at the Design Studio in our corporate office. This meeting is where you will personalize the floor plan you’ve chosen. It’s time to turn this house into your home with your own personal touch. Pick from many design options from flooring to cabinets, from paint colors to light fixtures. Learn more about this part of the process by selecting the Personalize Your Home tab on this page.

The plans are done, contracts are finalized, permits have been pulled and we’re ready to get to work on your new home. But first its time to meet the person that will get to know your new home almost as much as you will, your Personal Builder. Each Challenger customer is assigned a Personal Builder that will oversee your home from start to finish. These consummate professionals have incredible building experience and will make sure your house gets built right and on time. This Personal Builder is your personal contact to answer your questions ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. 

We demand quality checks through every step of the homebuilding process. In addition to the numerous inspections required by building codes, we offer four different quality checks to our customers as part of our internal quality control to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. You will meet with your Personal Builder for each of these quality checks.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting: before we start the framing of your home your Personal Builder meets with you to review final plans, layout, and your selections.
  • Pre-Drywall Walk: After the framing is finished, and the mechanical and electrical systems are being installed we invite you to come walk your home with us before we drywall and move to the finishes stage of construction.
  • Walkthrough: Construction is almost complete. This is your opportunity to walk the home and ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We also orient you to the operation, care, and maintenance of your home.
  • Final Walkthrough: Usually scheduled for the same day as your closing, this final walkthrough is to showcase your new home, make sure you know how everything works, and review any items from your walkthrough to ensure they have been completed to your satisfaction.

Oh, and just so you know, in addition to the quality checks performed by you and your Personal Builder your home will also be reviewed by our own Quality Assurance manager who double checks the work on every single home. We’re committed to high-quality homes and work hard to deliver an impeccable home every time.

Communication is key in what we do at Challenger. That’s why the Personal Builder and Sales Counselor for each Challenger community sit down together once a week and call every home buyer with a status update on the progress of their home. That’s right, weekly calls from us to you just to make sure you know exactly where we are, answering your questions and ensuring your satisfaction with your new home. 

We did it! Your home is complete, you’ve done your final walkthrough and can’t wait to move in. Come to the Challenger offices where most closings are held. Get a cup of coffee and sit down to sign a stack of paperwork with our incredible closing coordinators and the team at Legacy Title that oversees the title work on your new home. Then that magical moment comes. A Challenger executive will sit down with you, want to hear all about your home buying experience and then hand over the keys to your brand-new Challenger Home.

Even that’s not the end. You’re part of the Challenger family. Our dedicated team of warranty professionals will be with you every step of the way, and the same people who built your home are there throughout your warranty period in the off chance that something comes up. We won’t even wait for you to call us, we’ll call you a few days after closing to check-in and also schedule a time about a month after closing to come out and double-check to make sure everything is as it should be. 

Sales counselor, mortgage expert, design consultant, personal builder, warranty team, and back-office staff, an entire team of friendly professionals dedicated to one mission, making life better one home at a time. Ensuring that you have a wonderful building experience leading to that exciting day when a Challenger executive hands you the keys to your brand-new home.

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Personalizing Your Home

One of the best parts about building a brand-new home with Challenger is the ability to personalize your home; you have a choice! It’s a huge reason many folks build new instead of getting a used house. Rather than having to put up with the preferences of a previous owner, you get your home your way. Every choice is yours to make. Take a generic floor plan and add the elements that make it a home for you and your family. You get to pick the upgrades and options that matter to you. You get to express yourself through a color palette and finishes that make your home one-of-a-kind.

Once you finalize your floor plan and home site the next step in the building process is your Design Consultation. It’s time to make all those decisions about colors, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and countertops. This meeting is held either at the Design Studio in our corporate office or at the model home in the neighborhood where you are building your new home.

Now some homebuilders view the design process as a profit center, utilizing commission sales people to up-sell and over-sell customers. At Challenger Homes its all about making life better. That is why we use salaried design professionals whose only mission is to help you craft your house into your home, meeting all of your needs, many of your wants and helping you stay within your budget.

Each buyer will go through our 8-Step New Home Design Process 

  1. Review Floor Plan & Contract - Go over the floor plan you selected and additional options you added at the time of your contract.
  2. Exterior Options - Go ahead, Rembrandt, choose your stunning exterior color palette.
  3. Kitchen Options - Select your cabinets, countertops, hardware, backsplash, plumbing and other options for the kitchen you desire.
  4. Lighting Options - From task lighting to recessed cans, pendants to chandeliers; the lighting you choose helps showcase your beautiful home.
  5. Flooring Options - Choose your carpet style and color along with any tile, vinyl or hardwood.
  6. Electrical Options - Knowing where you want your ceiling fan, home theater, surround sound, or security system is a lot easier in the beginning.
  7. Interior Trim - Select interior paint, doors, hardware, window sills, stair rails and other interior trim options that add the final polish to your new home.
  8. Wrap-Up - Finalize and sign-off on all your selections. For many, the Design experience is the most fun and exciting part of the new home building process. So let loose, have fun and make your new home the castle of your dreams.

Many of our neighborhoods have unique design packages already included as standard in the homes there. We select some of our most popular options and upgrades and make it easy by including those as standard. Ask your Sales Counselor about what packages are available in your neighborhood. Also inquire about any special Design Studio incentives currently being offered.

Your home. Your way. Just another way we’re making life better.

Financing Info

Up to $4000.00

Toward Closing Costs

when you use our preferred lender!

Financing your brand new Challenger home can often be a source of confusion or concern. As part of our mission of making life better we want to ensure you have the best information possible about your options in arranging your new mortgage. Whether its conventional, VA or FHA we have lots of resources to make sure you get your questions answered and find the best loan product for you and your family.

Challenger Homes is honored to work with some of the best in the lending business. Our preferred lender has the ability to understand your unique situation, educate you on your options, arrange the necessary financing, close on time, and deliver a superior customer experience. Let our preferred lender make life better for you as they handle all the details on the financing of your brand new Challenger home.

We encourage you to contact our preferred lender today for a free consultation and personalized advice for your situation. Please contact them directly by clicking on the email link. 


Richard List, Sr. Loan Originator, NLMS#279034


Advantages of Buying New

The pride of owning a new home simply cannot be replicated. Building your own home, that’s uniquely yours, just the way you want it, is a satisfying experience. There are a multitude of reasons for building new. Here are just a few.


Building new offers so much more choice. Select the floor plan that’s just right for you, add structural options (available on a per plan basis) like higher ceilings, bay windows, or French doors on the study. Instead of being stuck with another owner’s preferences you get to personalize just about everything including colors, cabinets, flooring and just about everything else in your new home.


When you build new everything is neat and clean and you don’t have to worry about a previous owner’s toenail clippings in the carpet!


New homes are more energy efficient. Better building standards, new materials and higher rated insulation all contribute to save energy which translates into lower utility bills for you.


With new construction you pick the ideal neighborhood and the perfect lot. Whether your want a view, a walk-out basement, or prefer to be tucked in on a quiet cul-de-sac you get your pick from multiple community locations and literally dozens of available home sites to find the one right for you.


Used homes almost never have a warranty.  When you build a brand-new Challenger Home you can have the added peace of mind of our in-house warranty. Many homebuilders sell their warranty immediately after the closing, leaving it up to a third-party service to maintain the property and handle any issues covered by the warranty. We do it a little bit differently. We keep our warranty in-house. The day you close on your new Challenger Home isn't the end, rather it's just the beginning of being part of the Challenger family. If anything goes wrong, the same people who built your house come out and fix your house. We stand behind our work and are committed to our customers' satisfaction.


Current building codes will ensure a superior standard of construction compared to a home built 20 or 30 years ago


Brand-new materials and operating systems in our homes offer high performance and low maintenance. A new home can be operated for 20-30% less than a home built prior to 1980.


Better materials and craftsmanship and adherence to building codes make new homes substantially safer than used properties.


Elimination of any hazardous materials makes new homes healthier, including better indoor air quality that can improve your family’s health.


Older homes typically have much smaller closets and storage spaces than new homes. Check out the many Challenger floor plans with walk-in closets, even in secondary bedrooms, and plenty of planned storage areas.


Instead of the older homes with tight hallways and boxy layouts at Challenger Homes we design open floor plans maximizing your livable square footage.


Working with our preferred lenders makes financing a new home a simple and streamlined process. Challenger Homes will also pay your closing costs, substantial savings on your new home, when you utilize one of our three preferred lenders for your financing needs. 


The greatest appreciation of a home typically occurs in the first five to eight years after its built; take advantage of this accelerated equity in your new home.

Want to learn more about all the advantages of building a brand-new home? Come tour one of our model homes and see all that Challenger has to offer. Fill out our contact form and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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